The Cooking School at Frinklepod Farm

We believe in the power of real food, the importance of knowing how to feed ourselves and others, and the value of breaking bread with friends, neighbors, and strangers.  Our on-farm kitchen gives us access to fresh, organic produce and a visceral connection to the importance of knowing where your food comes from.

In our classes, you will learn how to cook delicious, nourishing dishes using whole foods, plant-based ingredients, and seasonal produce. Gain the confidence to cook with whatever ingredients you have on hand, learn how to make pantry staples, and discover new recipes and techniques for every occasion. You'll also leave with a packet of recipes and the inspiration to continue your cooking journey at home.  Most classes are totally hands-on; you’ll work with others to execute a full meal or a spread of delicious food. Some classes incorporate lecture and demonstrations. Meeting new people, having open-ended conversations, and sharing ideas and experiences happen in every class. Classes are held in our licensed commercial kitchen at The Pod at Frinklepod Farm.

PLEASE NOTE:   ALL OF OUR CLASSES ARE VEGAN - free of meat, dairy, and eggs.   Some classes are completely gluten-free when noted in the description, and we are usually able to accommodate any allergies with advance notice (please indicate in the notes field when registering, and or send us an email:

Class Schedule September - December, 2019

I loved the low-key vibe of the class and the variety of dishes. It was fun to pair off and make recipes while still interacting with the other couples. Using local ingredients and food from the farm was a huge plus!
— Emily C., Portland, ME
Flora was so knowledgeable, friendly, and funny. We loved the space that the Pod provides.
— Jeff P., Kennebunk, ME
I really enjoyed the variety of recipes, the fun group, eating out back...everything!
— Lee S., Arundel, ME


Flora Brown.  Flora's experiences as a farmer, mother, high school teacher, and lifelong vegetarian (now vegan of 20 years) inspire her passion for making good food with other people!  She holds certificates in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and Culinary Nutrition from Matthew Kenney Online, and is certified in ServSafe food safety practices.  Since co-founding Frinklepod Farm in 2012, Flora has been working to establish an educational center that brings people together around food and health and is so excited to see it come to fruition as The Pod at Frinklepod Farm!

Stacey Hamblett. Chef Stacey has over 25 years of experience in plant based and holistic living, and has worked in numerous food establishments around the world.  She is also a trained herbalist, health coach, yogi, and reiki practitioner, and thus brings this wealth of wellness knowledge to her cooking classes.  Chef Stacey believes cooking is an art, a form of play, nourishing and healing, a way to connect, and most of all an expressive act of love.  Join her classes for some fun and inspiration to find your love, your passion, and your joy in the kitchen.  For more info visit or follow her on Instagram at @chefstaceyjean.  

Alex Pine.  A native of Los Angeles and a graduate of College of the Atlantic, Alex can't remember a time when he wasn't in the kitchen experimenting with something. Avid foodie and vegan for over a decade, Alex finds particular joy in "veganizing" dishes and experimenting with new ingredients. He has a soft spot for '"junk" food, tofu, and mildly complex cooking projects. Alex believes that food is the best way to connect and understand each other, and is an endless source of entertainment and knowledge when demonstrating practically anything.

Kathleen Coullard.  Kathleen’s love for being in the kitchen began when her Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and was too sick to make the annual family Christmas cookie trays.   Not one to have previously spent much time in the kitchen she had to step up to continue this tradition.  After her Mom passed away she found that baking became her meditation.  From there, in an effort to lose weight, she began working with a health coach who helped open her eyes to the impact of the standard American diet on health and well being.  It was at that point she delved into educating herself on the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet.  She is passionate about impacting the lives and eating habits of people through the education of healthy foods and helping them succeed in the kitchen.   She holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and a certificate of completion from the Forks Over Knives Culinary Course from Rouxbe.