it is a system in which consumers purchase their food directly from the farmers who produce it.  When you buy a CSA membership, you are providing funds to our farm at the times of year when we most need income to offset our expenses like seeds and soil amendments.   There are many models of CSAs out there, and we are pleased to offer three different CSA options that we have found work really well for both our customers and our farm:

Choose your Membership(s)!

  • Summer Variety Box (Produce) - SOLD OUT FOR SUMMER SEASON
  • Debit Style CSA Card (Anything sold in Farm Store)
  • Bouquet of the Week (Flowers - click here for more info)


  • Support your local farm, support the local food system, support the local economy
  • Receive a higher value than what you paid
  • Get to know the real people who grow your food 
  • Receive members-only invitations and special offers
  • Spend a few minutes now & then at the beautiful farm that is an informal gathering hub for so many people in this wonderful community.  Pause. Breathe. Wander the rows of tomatoes.  Have a popsicle.  

Summer Variety Box: SOLD OUT

  • What: An assortment of our fresh, organic veggies, valued at $20+,  pre-packed for you each week
  • When: Pick up at the farm store every Wednesday, 12-6pm for 15 weeks (June 6 -Sept.12)*
  • How Much: You pay $300 and receive $20+ worth of produce for 15 weeks.  For a large household, you may consider ordering 2 boxes/week for a total of $600.
  • Who: This option is great for people who are looking for a convenient way to get a steady supply of veggies, and/or who love the challenge of trying new things and different combinations!  
  • Why sign up now?  Only 30 Variety Box memberships are offered each season and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.  
  • What if I can't pick up one week?  You can always send a friend in your place.   Or, with 48 hours advance notice, we will give you $20 credit instead to spend on veggies anytime.   Unclaimed shares will be donated to a good cause on Fridays.
  •  * Please note that after the Summer Variety Box CSA is over, we will offer a Fall/Winter Variety Box CSA. 





Debit Style CSA Card:

  • What: A loaded debit card that you can use to purchase ANYTHING sold at the farm store
  • When: Your new balance gets loaded to your card May 1st; then you can use your card to shop anytime we are open, year-round.  Your balance never expires and you can add funds anytime.  
  • How much: You pay $200, $300, $400, $500, or $600 and receive 10% extra dollars when paid by March 31.  Purchase your membership after this date and receive your card at face value.
  • Who: This option is great if you love to choose your veggies from a wide selection; if your food needs fluctuate from week to week due to traveling, guests, etc.; and/or if you anticipate buying other staples and treats from the farm store.
  • Why sign up now?  In order to receive the 10% bonus dollars for your balance starting May 1, you must sign up and pay before March 31st.  Any sign-ups received after that date will receive the face value of their payment applied to their CSA card (no bonus dollars).  The next Sign-Up-for-10%-Bonus period is Sept. - Oct.