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Workshop with Warren Kramer

A Special 2-Part Workshop with Warren Kramer, Macrobiotic Counselor, Lecturer and Cooking Teacher.

Cooking Class:  All About the Protein  (9:30am to 12:30pm) How many times have you been asked or heard: So where do you get your protein if you are not eating animal or dairy foods?  In this informative and fun class Warren will demonstrate a number of delicious dishes using beans, tempeh and tofu. We will also discuss exactly where protein is found in a well rounded natural foods diet.   Warren will also discuss the digestibility of beans and how to enhance that in our cooking if that is a concern. Recipes will be provided anda full meal will be served from soup to dessert. Everything you wanted to know about protein and more!

Lecture:  Understanding Cravings and Addictions  (1:30-3pm) Cravings are our friend; they are there to help us find balance and satisfaction.  They are influenced by our activity, the environment, foods we are eating and of course our emotions.  As many of us have experienced when our cravings are out of control, emotionally we are up and down as well.  In this class we will look closely at what specific cravings mean and how to satisfy them without compromising our health.  Some of the cravings we will address include: sugar, chocolate, baked flour, chips and crunchy snacks, animal protein, coffee, dairy food, salt and others.  

Full-Day Workshop: $90/ Fee for cooking class/lunch only: $65/ Fee for lecture only:  $35

Warren Kramer has been practicing macrobiotics for 30 years.  He is a counselor, lecturer and cooking teacher and is recognized internationally.  He was assistant to Michio Kushi for 11 years. Mr. Kushi and his wife Aveline started the natural foods movement in the 1960's.  Warren was on the faculty of the Kushi institute for many years and taught with Denny Waxman at his school as well. Currently Warren teaches in 13 cities in the US and Canada on an ongoing basis.  He is one of the presenters at the Taste of Health Conference at Sea. Warren lives in Brighton, MA with his wife Fatim and son Adam.

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