Summer CSA 2014!

“C.S.A.” stands for COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE;  it is a system in which consumers purchase their food directly from the farmers who produce it.  When you become a shareholder in the winter/spring, you are providing  financial support to our farm at the time of year when we most need funds.  In turn, we provide you with much, if not all, of your produce needs throughout the summer and fall.

What are the benefits of joining the Summer CSA?   You get:

  • access to incredibly fresh, organically grown, nutritious food
  • a convenient shopping experience at the farm stand . . . six days a week, including two “members only” shopping times which immediately follow the morning harvest
  • the choice between a debit-based “Shop Anytime” account that can be applied to all your produce purchases at the farm stand (shop whenever, for whatever veggies, fruits, herbs, and flowers you’d like)  OR a Friday Variety Box — a weekly assortment of our produce, pre-boxed for you to pick up every Friday between 12 and 5pm
  • 10% “bonus dollars” added to your initial payment (e.g. if you pay $350, you have $385 in farm stand credit)
  • the opportunity to sign up for a “Local Products” CSA share — pre-pay, receive 10% bonus dollars, and shop for all non-produce items (e.g. bread, eggs, honey, etc.) in the farm stand using your account (See the list below for more examples of non-produce items)
  • the option to place an advance order . . . order by Wednesday, pick up anytime Friday.  (A 15% handling surcharge will be deducted from your credit.)
  • regular news, notes, and recipe ideas emailed to you from your farmers
  • an open invitation to visit and/or help out on the farm, and to attend farm events and gatherings

What produce is available at the farm stand?

We grow  dozens of varieties of heirloom and classic vegetables, including tomatoes, beans, lettuce, greens, sweet corn, squash, carrots, garlic, peppers, onions, kale, potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, culinary herbs such as parsley and basil, & much, much more!  All of our produce is grown organically, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides.   Please click here  for a more comprehensive list.

We also sell wild blueberries, apples, peaches, and mushrooms that are grown locally.

Our own cut flowers are sold both by the stem and as arranged bouquets.

What other products are sold in the farm stand?

We love supporting food producers and crafters in our community and are continually discovering new items to carry.  We plan to sell the following products:  eggs, bread, jams, pickles, honey, maple syrup, dry beans, honey-sweetened soda, seaweed, sea salt, peanut butter, sauerkraut, tempeh, flour, baking mixes, soaps, body care products, and then some.

When is the farm stand open?

The Summer CSA season runs Saturday, May 24 through Sunday, Oct. 19.  Hours will be Tuesday- Friday 10-6pm, Saturday-Sunday 10-5pm.  Members (only) can also shop Wednesdays and Saturday mornings from 8-1oam.

Which size share is right for me?  If you consider your household to eat an AVERAGE amount of veggies, these are our recommendations.  (If you are vegetarian or just eat tons of veggies, you’ll want to buy the next share size up.  If you anticipate being out of town for parts of the summer and/or tend to eat out often, you might want to purchase a smaller size share.)

$150: single adult  (= $165, an average of $8.25/week)

$250: couple (= $275, an average of $13.75/week)

$350: small family (= $385, an average of $19.25/week)

$450: medium family (= $495, an average of $24.75/week)

$550: large family (= $605, an average of $30.25/week)

Should I choose the “Shop Anytime” or the “Friday Variety Box” option?Choose “Shop Anytime” if you…

  • are particular about which veggies you like to eat and/or cook with
  • are not in town regularly and/or the number of people you are feeding fluctuates over the course of the summer

Choose “Friday Variety Box” if you…

  • like the element of surprise of receiving a box full of veggies, knowing that it may make you and your family members try new foods or recipes
  • are new at the idea of buying fresh veggies, and don’t want the stress of knowing which kinds or quantities to choose
  • need the convenience of quickly picking up your produce at the same time every week

What if I sign up for the Friday Variety Box option but can’t pick up my box one week?

You can always send a friend to pick up your box in your place; no need to notify us.   Or, if you let us know at least 24 hours in advance that no one will be picking up your box, your account will be credited in that amount.  You can then use this “extra” credit to purchase additional items at the farm stand at any time.   If we do not receive advance notice that your box will not be picked up, then it will be donated to a good cause.

Click here to join for 2014!

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